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Like manga

Like a manga-like picture.

Over the last few decades, Japanese manga has become a unique industry in the world.

The content is rich in variety, with all the entertainment elements people experience, such as romance, natural sciences, science fiction novels, violence, and horror.

It looks like a textbook or a book of philosophy and is rooted in society.

It's unthinkable now, but in the 1980s

There were many people who believed that reading manga would make them stupid.

In modern times, the elements of comics are evolving due to the diversity of devices and changes in the communication environment.

As long as you live in Japan, you can't ignore manga.

I'm trying to rebuilding the fun of manga content.

The element of manga is to express multiple dimensions on a piece of paper.

The art of time is constructed by linking the elements of the picture and the words in a complex way.

The elements that make up a manga are points, lines, and planes.

This is the simplest means of expression in painting, as is the first line drawn by mankind from murals such as Lascaux and Altamira.

In other words, even humans 20,000 years ago could draw cartoons with this technique if the images were shared.

The fact that such elements naturally appear in modern rivers of complex information always makes us feel the universality of painting and the multidimensionality of manga.

There are plug-in elements that expand your imagination in the realization of the universe that cannot be realized with one picture on one sheet of paper.

It is drawn with a manga motif, but there is no doubt that it is a single picture.

You can access the NFT site from the image link.

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